Cash Fly instant money transfer between friends!

Main Features

These are some of CashFly Great Features. Explore the possibilities...

Cash transfer

Instant in store funds for payments.


Send and receive instant gifts to/from friends with minimal fees.


Help a user with cash and you’ll receive a motivating fee

What is CashFly?

CashFly is an app that helps users and stores to use any mobile device to transfer funds and make payments efficiently.

It even allows users to receive cash worldwide from another users, transforming every person into an ATM.

How it works

See the magic in 3 easy steps.

  • 1. The user enters the amount that he needs to to withdraw in cash...

  • 2. Then selects SOS to pinpoint the other users...

  • 3. Transfer is made when scanning the QR on his phone. The funds are instantly added to user’s account. The cash giver received a fee.

The Opportunity

Every person owns a smartphone but not every person owns a bank account. Due to our e-money and payment institution licenses, you can open an e-wallet account with the same characteristics, that allows you to make baking operations.

CashFLy is user friendly and intuitive to use, while respecting all anti money laundering, real beneficiary and anti terrorism financing regulations.

New Features

CashFly e-wallet has all the features of a bank account, plus a bit more:

Ask for money from a friend

Send gift to a friend

Money can be withdrawn from CashFly balance in two ways:

The Cash Fly APP

Take a taste of our app. We are proud of bringing this magic to life!

Money can fly


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